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About us

Zertifiziert seit 1998

Environmental protection and sustainability

Wood is a valuable component of our ecosystem. Its CO² balance does no harm to the climate and it can be used completely without waste. This alone makes the use of wood a positive contribution to environmental protection.
We take care that all our wood processing is done in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
Our logs come from the surrounding forests, within a maximum radius of 200km. When choosing partners, we also take care that the forests from which we get our wood are managed in a sustainable manner. This was the reason behind having ourselves certified as PEFC producers 10 years ago.
There is no waste at HILO-HOLZ. All by-products from producing cut timber, such as sawdust and wood shavings, are either used as a source of energy for our drying chambers or used to produce chipboard, fibreboard or OSB boards.

Our mill has a PEFC certification (for sustainable forestry).


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