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6/24/2018 : 12:39 pm : +0200

About us

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Come and take a photo-tour around our mill …

The log yard
Here, logs are debarked, checked for any ingrown metal, then sorted by length and diameter using special sorting programs, before being stacked. This means that we have wood of the right diameter available for all different cutting patterns. The sorting allows optimal sawing, as we can use exactly the right wood for each cutting pattern.

The sawing shed
The logs are graded using a special program and then sawn into four-sided cuts and side cuts. Side cuts are put through further processing, while the four-sided cuts are checked for quality and quantity. The timber is then packaged and made ready for shipping.

Log processing:
Machine 1 (chipper and saw) → Machine II (chipper and saw)
→ Horizontal circular saw and a finishing saw (vertical saws) → stacker → bundling

Alternatively: Optimess → cross-cutting → sorter (A-line) → stackers → packaging.

Drying chamber
The timber is dried artificially. Traditional drying is possible, along with a short heat treatment called “Htr30”. This treatment is prescribed for export timber and wood packaging (pallets, boxes, etc.), as it kills off all wood pests, including their larvae and eggs.

Rough timber is processed either wet or dry. Special moulds are available for all areas where wood is used, including softwood timber in all grades, planed and rough, tongue and grooved, etc. We can also produce special profiles to customer demands.

Impregnation is carried out by dipping the lumber into colourless Sinesto B, protecting the wood for a certain time against blue-stain and fungi. The length of the dipping is dependent on the concentration of the preparation used in the dip bath. If requested, pressure treatment can also be carried out.